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The success sequence aims to speak to the heart of every person who feels behind in life, beaten by regrets or bothered by a lack of progress. The sequence to your success is shaped by the Creator’s assignment for your life.  Who you are and what you are called to do matters. Don’t put your significance on the shelf.  Your family, your community, and the world needs your gift.


The steps to your success begin with your purpose. Success is a journey not a project. Success is satisfying your own personal passion and purpose. The only true measure of success is what we have done compared to what we could have done. Our assignment is ours alone. We have no competition. Comparison is a curse and will stop many from embracing and enjoying the journey.



“What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you? What could you ever trade your soul for?”   Isolation is not conducive for personal fulfillment. We are designed to share our potential so that we might impact others. The full capacity of our potential can only be realized through the context of family. Success cannot be attained if it has no opportunity to give. The heights of success will be achieved at the depths of self-sacrifice not at the peak of self-help.



Contributing our talents and gifts toward a common goal deepens community and brings fulfillment into our lives. Anonymity doesn’t satisfy in the long run. True success is found at the intersection of helping others. Our personal success can be used to bridge self to community.




You have helped to light your friends, family and community on fire---and because of this, each of these individuals will touch one person, who will touch one person and eventually your personal relationship with God has flooded into success --not just  for self ---but for the world.