Michael Phillips is on a mission to advance communities across the nation by engaging and doing the daily work it requires, creating lasting change for generations to come. His journey from a young boy to the man he is today is an incredible story, it reads like a movie. His future was left in the hands a judge at 19 years old; Michael’s life could have become another statistic. Thankfully, the judge saw the potential in Michael and gave him the one opportunity he needed to radically transform his life. Over the last 25 years, Michael’s experience and success in private and corporate business, raising millions to build his church along with his leadership in national education reform, he has become a true change-agent. 

Leveraging the foundation of his Success Sequence model, Phillips is stirring the conversation around the nation. Success can only be measured by purpose. This process at times will look and fill out of sequence because purposeful steps are ordered. Miss-steps, sidesteps and back-steps make us who we are and get us instep with our specific purpose. Everyone is living his or her own Success Sequence, recognizing this and staying intentional about your life within the process brings significant fulfillment.



Michael Phillips is positioned as a leader for national education reform and advancement.  His perspective on the formation and the infrastructure of our current national education system continues to open the hearts and minds of educators, parents and those involved in the educational system alike.

The United States is falling behind year after year as we see the test results from our students, proving that the education system was not created for every child to receive an equal education. Children cannot learn within a broken system. Michael shared a story in his recent TEDx Talk on education about a little boy he met who was standing in the corner of the room during class because his chair was broken, every time he sat in the chair the leg gave out and the boy would fall, so he chose to stand in the corner of the class room and do his work. This experience was the catalyst to Michael’s position that students cannot learn on broken chairs, and unless they are provided an educational system that can support the weight of their purpose, we as a nation, will continue to be at risk. Each child deserves a high quality education and it is up to the community to stand up, take action, get involved and demand this for all kids. People can change a system more than a system can change a system. You don’t have to be an educator to make change happen, history shows us that the power of a few people outside of the system will often make greater impact.



There is a sequence to everything in life; in business your personalized Success Sequence is the foundation for growth within yourself and your company. Michael Phillips has a unique perspective on business based on his experience as executive management in the corporate space, government policy advocacy local and national, substantial fundraising, entrepreneurial leadership, corporate infrastructure, employee placement and management, board member/chairman, and as a senior pastor and community leader.

It is critical that everyone on the team is positioned and given the tools necessary to reach their full potential.  Then can they work and develop within their own Success Sequence to achieve far beyond the goals set before them.

Michael has presented in the corporate setting for various national and global companies who understand the principal that providing inspiration and strategy for corporate teams to create success within themselves, enhances their performance and improving company culture in the work place.



Michael Phillips is the next generation of faith leadership. Providing consistent insight and inspiration through his messages, his impact is reaching the world. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Michael’s life quickly changed at the age of 12 when his father died. This abrupt shift in his life eventually lead Michael down a destructive path of becoming one of the most profitable drug and credit card fraud ring leaders in Baltimore. After an arrest was made, the judge gave Michael a choice, 30 years in prison or go back to college. Michael chose college and the judge chose Oral Roberts University. It was there, where Michael found his way back to God and began to see the vision for his future.


Today, as the senior pastor of Kingdom Life Church, Michael has built and incredible campus which has become a beacon of light in one of the most desperate areas of Baltimore. With a direct focus on building community, educating children, providing essential family resources, and driving policy change, Michael Phillips is doing the work!

Michael travels the world using his story to shape a new conversation of what it means to be present in your life, live with intention and care for those around you. Michael has developed the Success Sequence, derived from the principles taught throughout the bible. This system of thinking is an effective guide to pivot your thoughts on the process called life, and view your journey through a new lens.